Our Programs

Good Neighbor Mission works to end homelessness in Sumner County one family at a time. Our programs address the problems that lead to housing crisis by providing assistance with securing permanent housing through the Rapid Rehousing program. Through the generosity of our donors, we are sometime able to help with utility payments to avoid disconnection of services. If you or someone you know is struggling, we are here to help.

Rapid Re-Housing Program

The Rapid Rehousing Program is for individuals or families who are literally homeless. A pending eviction or threat of homelessness does not qualify someone for this program. If a person or family qualifies, Good Neighbor may assist with rental and utility deposits for a home or apartment. 


  • Rent for the property must not exceed 30% of family's gross income.
  • Current nighttime residence is not meant for human habitation. This would include sleeping in a car, city park, etc.
  • Living in a public or privately operated shelter, or a hotel/motel paid for by another organization
  • Living in an institution where (s)he has lived for 90 days or less and lived on the street or emergency shelter prior to entering the institution

Prevention Program

The Prevention Program is used to prevent a family or individual from losing their home, or utilities. There are strict income qualifications, and the applicant must have an eviction notice, or utility cutoff notice.


  • Strict income qualifications
  • Must have a court-ordered eviction notice or utility cutoff notice
  • Must have exhausted all other options available for assistance
  • Utilities must still be connected. We are unable to assist if the services have been disconnected.

Intake Applications

We at Good Neighbor Mission understand each situation is unique. If you feel you or your family meet the qualifications for one of these programs, please submit an intake application, as well as proof of income, ID and Social Security.

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