Good Neighbor Mission's Story

Gallatin, Tennessee's First Coed Homeless Shelter

Our Story

Randy Pryor, the Mission’s first director, developed the idea for Good Neighbor Mission in 1983 as a way of helping the working poor of Sumner County. He soon secured the use of a building at 460 South Water (the former Church of Christ) and began using it to offer emergency shelter to the homeless. The State of Tennessee granted a charter to The Good Neighbor Mission and Crisis Center, Inc. on November 14, 1983.  

As the Mission has grown and evolved, its directors and board members were instrumental in  shaping both the program and the development of physical facilities. From the work of former Executive Director Shane Rock in moving the mission from emergency shelter only to include transitional housing and education to the selflessness of Treasurer Anne Deathridge who tirelessly maintained financial records, each individual's contribution has made a lasting impact on the organization and the lives it has touched.  

Today, the mission operates 2 shelter locations and continues to stay committed to its purpose of helping solve the homeless problem in Sumner County.

About Good Neighbor Mission

About Good Neighbor Mission

Good Neighbor Mission was founded in 1983 out of need for a homeless shelter that provided a safe refuge for men, women and children. We promote independence, self-sufficiency and long-term permanent solutions to housing for the working poor of Sumner County, including Gallatin, Hendersonville and Portland, TN.

To accomplish this, the mission operates a housing program that shelters working poor families with children until they are able to obtain affordable housing. Our program focuses on education and working with families to change behavior patterns that may have contributed to their housing crisis.

We are a grant-funded organization that relies heavily on the support of churches, businesses, civic organizations and individuals to successfully address the problems of Sumner County’s working poor.


Umiko D. Jones Sr., Executive Director

Board of Directors

Ann Whiteside, President

Thomas Butler, Vice-President

Cristina Rosado-Giles, Secretary

Thomas Staten, Treasurer

Kelvin Truss

Winston Templet

Jackie Wilber